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Thursday, January 6, 2011

HOMEOPATHY : Volume 99, Issue 2, Pages 89-152 (April 2010)

Homeopathy : Volume 99, Issue 2, Pages 89-152 (April 2010)


  • Quasi-quantum phenomena and homeopathy
  • A randomized controlled trial to compare the
    use of homeopathy and internal Teat Sealers for
    the prevention of mastitis in organically farmed
    dairy cows during the dry period and 100 days
  • Effect of dielectric dispersion on potentised
    homeopathic medicines
  • Quasi-quantum phenomena: the key to
    understanding homeopath
  • Opposite repertory-rubrics in Bayesian
  • The placebo effect and homeopathy
  • A short history of the development of
    homeopathy in India
  • 20 years ago: The British Homoeopathic Journal,
    April 1990
  • International press abstracts
  • Dr RAF Jack: 28 February 1920–9 July 2009
  • Dorothy Cooper: 30 June 1915–29 December 2008
  • Clinical trials, clinical evidence, and selective citation
  • Erratum to ‘‘Chronic primary insomnia: Efficacy
    of homeopathic simillimum’’ [Homeopathy 99
    (2010) 63–68]
  • Erratum to ‘‘Animal models for studying
    homeopathy and high dilutions: Conceptual
    critical review’’ [Homeopathy 99 (2010) 37–50]

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