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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extreme Homeopathic Dilutions retain starting materials- A nanoparticulate perspective : research Paper by IIT researchers Prashant , A.K.Suresh, Jayesh Bellare & Shantaram Govind

IIT-B team shows how homoeopathy works

 Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) have established that the sweet white pills work on the principle of nanotechnology.
    Homeopathic pills—made of naturally occurring metals such as gold and copper-—retain their potency even when diluted to a nanometre or one-billionth of a metre, states the IIT-B research published in the latest issue of Homoeopathy, a peer-reviewed journal published by the reputed Elsevier. IIT-B’s chemical engineering department bought commonly available homoeopathic pills from neigbourhood shops, prepared highly diluted solutions and checked under powerful electron microscopes to find nanoparticles of the original metal.
    “Our paper showed that certain highly diluted homoeopathic remedies made from metals still contain measurable amounts of the starting material, even at extreme dilutions of 1 part in 10 raised to 400 (200C),’’ said Dr Jayesh Bellare. His student, Prashant Chikramane, presented the paper ‘Extreme homoeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective’, as part of his doctoral thesis. IIT theory proves what some homoeopaths have always known
    Homoeopathy was established in the late 18th century by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. While it is widely popular in certain countries, especially India, the British Medical Association and the British parliament have in recent times questioned homoeopathy’s potency. Around four years ago, British research papers rubbished homoeopathy as a mere “placebo’’.
    “Homoeopathy has been a conundrum for modern medicine. Its practitioners maintained that homeopathic pills got more potent on dilution, but they could never explain the mechanism scientifically enough for the modern scientists,’’ said Bellare. For instance, if an ink-filler loaded with red ink is introduced into the Powai lake, Bellare said, there would be no chance of ever tracing it. “But the fact is that homoeopathic pills have worked in extreme dilutions and its practitioners have been able to cure tough medical conditions,” he added.
    “We had analyzed ayurvedic bhasmas a few years ago and found nanoparticles to be the powering agent ,” the team members said. For the first time, scientists used equipment like transmission electron microscope, electron diffraction and emission spectroscopy to map physical entities in extremely dilution. They could measure nanoparticles of gold and copper (the original metal used in the medicines).
    American homoeopaths—Dr Joh Ives from Samueli Institute in Virginia and Joyce C Fryce from the Centre of Integrative Medicine, University of Maryland—said, “We are all familiar with the simple calculations showing that a series of 1:99 dilutions done sequentially will produce a significant dilution of the starting material in very short order,” they wrote in a special editorial in the journal. But as dilution increases, this theory goes awry. “(But) Chikramane et al found that, contrary to our arithmetic, there are nanogram quantities of the starting material still present in these ‘high potency’ remedies.’’
    The hypothesis is that nanobubbles form on the surface of the highly diluted mixtures and float to the surface, retaining the original potency. “We believe we have cracked the homoeopathy conundrum,’’ said Bellare. According to homoeopath Dr Farokh J Master, the IIT theory has proven something what practitioners have always known. “My instruction to my patients has always been to dilute the pills in water and stir it 10 times with a spoon. Then remove the spoon , dip it in another cup of water and stir 10 times. I advise my patients to do this in five cups before discarding the first four cups and then drinking the fifth cup in two equal doses,’’ said Master.
Homeopathy works on the principles of nano-particles, say IIT-B's department of chemical engineering team
    Using state-of-the art techniques, they could find particles of the original element as small as one-billionth of a metre
    The hypothesis is that a nanoparticle-nanobubble rises to the surface of the diluted solution; it is this 1% of the top layer that is collected and further diluted. So, the concentration remains
Homeopathy is merely a placebo, said a meta-analyses published in the Lancet in 2005.
    The British Medical Association said that homeopathy had no scientific basis; dub it witchcraft
    Many National Health Services in the UK excluded homeopathy from their purview.
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  1. It is really heartening to learn that the Paradox of Homoepathic Dynamisation is not understood by some scientists and they call it whichcraft or placebo therapy. Strange enough that some scientists who have proven the fact that the more the dilution of the substance made it retains the memmory of the substance in the form of Energy without physical presence. Its high time when people should stop maligning the system by using different methods and techniques applied for other research projects ,as the the same criterias can not be applied in Homoeopathy. For example Double Bland trial methods as in homoeopathy it is the individuals problem treated in in individual form on the basis of his symptoms of the disease along with the peculiar uncommon and rare symptoms of the patients himself. So the study has to be designed in the form of individuals and not randomly on different patients of same disease.Kudos to IIT Mumbai for its report on the Nanotechnology of Homoeopathy.

  2. its relly good for each and every homoeopath, to prove how medicine works....thank you sir.

  3. congrats to iit mumbai resarch team

  4. sir is blog par visit karne ki karpa kare

  5. The discovery of nanoparticles of the starting substance does not prove that they can heal. One would have to demonstrate the physiological effect. There will be substantial traces of impurities which can get diluted to the same or greater extent. According to homeopathy the medicine for each case is specific, and such impurities can therefore interfere with the healing. For example, even though the purest form of copper or gold could be as pure as 99.997% pure, it still contains 0.003% impurities of other metals. Their corresponding dilution will be even greater than that of the copper/gold.
    The research speaks of nanobubbles rising to the surface. That means it is not really getting diluted to the extent presumed. Of course, dubbing homeopathy as witchcraft or placebo is also unscientific unless clinically proved.
    Coming back to nanoparticles, complex substances such as long chain molecules (n>10,000) may not exist in the nano range of dimension, whereas homeopathy mostly uses complex substances as starting material. Dilution in case of poisonous substances, to reduce harmful effects is understandable.
    As a novice, I feel that homeopathy needs to be investigated from the standpoint Dr. Hahnemann's hypothesis of "similia similibus curatur". The curing is the result of physiological reaction to the homeopathic medicine, as against a placebo effect which is purely psychological. Clinical tests giving statistical results could go a long way towards that end.

  6. has done a superb job even there is a unnecessary contradictions
    Homeopathy is a well proved science or art (it don't matter)but clinically it has done wonders that no other pathy can challenge the superiority. iit mumbai has allready done a good job and nothing to say about the obstinate nature of peoples. not to worry for that... but SATAYA MAVEA JAYATEY.
    Kant clinic Bareilly U.P

  7. There is nothing obstinate about trying to study the efficacy of a system of medicine, only we have to keep an open mind to achieve it-- mere wishful thinking will not do.

  8. Homeopathy is realities of nature and wisdom of spiritual.

  9. Homeopathy Is Base On Vital Force Which Is Overall Sovereign Of Body & Mind Mechanism. For Survival Of Body & Mind Vital Force Operate Defense Systems They Are Consists :
    Nervous System
    Lymphatic System
    Endocrine System.
    Immune System
    The Immune System Is Part of Defense & Survivals
    Strategy under the Control of Brain. Spiritual Wisdom
    Of Body & Mind Is Work.

  10. We can speak of nervous system, endocrine system, lymphathic system etc. only because of research done by allopathists. I am only saying that mere talking is not enough, it has to be backed by research in order to get maximum efficacy. I am not doubting the validity of homeopathy but its blind application and making open ended statements about nanoparticles being responsible for the cures.

    1. No doubt that the nano particles are cannot be the reason for cure. This can be only be provided as a proof for those who say that Homeopathic medicines are only placebo.If we expect Homeopathy to have a world wide acceptance it can be only through the practical application based on the time tested principles. Research should be patient oriented and not disease oriented, they should be individual oriented and not mass oriented.
      Taking a group of people with similar disease and treating them with same remedy is a method which is contradicting the base of the Homeopathic system itself i.e 'Individuality'. This type of researches which are carried out are just absurd.

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  12. wonderful research congratulations to team

  13. I m agree with the fact that the presence of metal in homoeopathic medicine does not prove that it cures, but it Concerns when IIT team proved the presence of real metal or substance in Homoeopathic poetized medicine. Since long people were confused that is it possible that medicinal part exist in ultra diluted metal or any substance?
    Now at least authentic data can be put forward to prove homoeopathic medicines are not just placebo what was said by many critics. The second step will be brought forward in coming days that yes, statistical data shows the efficacy of homoeopathy. I also agree with the argument that we are not suppose to give answer to those who are still in doubt, but our patients will give the fact sheet of homoeopathic efficacy. At the same time we should prove the science in its authentic way.

  14. Dr.Binuraj.T.K , MD (hom)
    Homoeopathy is the last invented medical science or therapeutic system in the world so far. There is no proper technology available in this world to
    explain the working of homoeopathic medicines till today. It means Homoeopathy is a pseudo science or not a medicine????
    At last some of it can be
    explained on the basis of Nanotechnology. (IIT-B team shows how homeopathy works --- Times of India 16-12-2010) 1 nm is equals to 10-9 of a unit, that means 1 Nano unit is 10-9 of a unit, that is equals to 9x potency of homoeopathic medicine. As you know when 1 gram
    material is potentised and divided into 0.000000001 of the crude substance ,its potency become 9X .Nano unit is the basic measurement in Nanotechnology.
    Experiments carryout through this science is about the fractions of this basic units. Scientists found out that by the process of nanification, atoms can be
    arranged in new order and form new molecules showing unbelievable properties when compare with the mother substance. This is the explanation applicable to
    There are numerous scientists and physicists who have done tests on high dilutions to prove that they have effects. 3 Nobel Laureate scientists (Hans Von
    Euler - Chemistry 1930, Brian David Josephson - 1975 Physics and Luc Montagnier Physiology and Medicine 2008 have done tests on high dilutions to prove that
    it works. Homoeopathic medicines work at genetic level.
    You know Modern medicine is floating on already failed foolish Germ theory. Our homeostasis of body is maintained at the genetic level. If there is problem
    in that level, our immunity will be deranged. Then only micro organism enter into our cells. Simply by administering Antibiotics, allopaths can destroy
    them. But who will rectify the poisonous effect of that synthetic chemical caused by that antibiotics in our body and later the root cause at the genetic
    level will become more worse.
    There are mainly 3 factors are responsible for all diseases according to allopaths.
    1. Scarcity of some chemicals in our body ( Allopaths supplement them with similar synthetic chemicals, thus destroying the natural internal biochemistry
    in our body.)
    2. Excess of some chemicals in our body ( reduce them with administering another synthetic chemicals, again deranging our internal biochemistry)
    3. Micro organism ( Allopaths destroy them with antibiotics or other anti micro organism medicines. They are not interested to search why microorganisms
    enter in our body.
    4. Surgical correction - The above explained reasons are the causes of surgical diseases at long run. The changed internal biochemistry due to strong
    synthetic chemicals causes problems at genetic level leading to such surgical diseases later. Simply by cutting and removing those body parts how we can
    correct the problems at the root genetic level. Actually after surgery, our body’s natural equilibrium will be destroyed deeply and causes more important
    diseases in the near future.
    binu raj 1 week ago

    99% of diseases in this world are iatrogenic or artificial chronic disease. Homoeopathy is for chronic diseases. Whatever may be the technique behind the
    action of homoeopathic medicines in our body HOMOEOPATHY WORKS First of all try to understand what is homoeopathy. study homoeopathy from its genetic level.
    We have 100s of documented cured cases of Autoimmune diseases, cancers and so called incurable diseases. cured with 1 or 2 doses of HOMOEOPATHIC medicines.

  15. its relly good for each and every homoeopath, to prove how medicine works....thank you sir.

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